From the convict's point of view

The trial of the author Jens Bjørneboe's book "Without a Thread" begins. The plaintiff's claim was 30 days probation and a fine of 10.000 kroner for lewd content in the book. The sentence was considerably milder. Although the court concluded that the content was clearly fornication according to section 211 of the Criminal Code, the defendants were only sentenced to symbolic fines of NOK. 100.-. This is because quantities of magazines and books were presented to the court that are on free sale in Norway today, and for which there could have been at least as much reason to take action. Here from the first day of the trial. Photo: NTB / Scanpix

After the verdict in Oslo City Court had fallen and the seizure of Without a thread > was maintained, the book's Danish publisher could send a new edition in print: 20 copies in addition to the previous 000. Presumably new editions will also be made in Sweden.

The literary interests of the prosecution bear their fruits. Now as before. It is a surreal effect of a surrealistic process, and the climax has not yet been reached. The process will continue. It was initiated by the Attorney General, the first public prosecutor and Supreme Court lawyer Johan Hjort, and we have been promised several processes of the same kind; highly educated and cloaked men shall for weeks and months continue their investigation of girl buttocks and what is worse, – butt after butt, step by step, shall. . .

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