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From the convict's point of view



The prosecution's literary interest bears its fruits. Now as before. It is a surreal effect of a surreal process, and the highlight has not yet been reached. The process will continue. It has been initiated by the Attorney General, First State Attorney and Supreme Court Attorney Johan Hjort, and several processes of the same kind have been promised to us; high-skilled and cloak-clad gentlemen, for weeks and months, will continue their investigation of girl rumps and worse, – butt after butt, step by step, work will be done. The views of life of the buttocks must be examined; if they are ordinary, normal, mercantile butts, then they will have to strut on – if, on the other hand, they are sexual nihilistic butts, then they must be banned for the public.

Other standards on the buttocks are not Norwegian law.

The City Court's conclusion is basically the spirit. The prosecutor relinquished almost all views that have previously been crucial; he pointed out that pornography was probably without harm, he did not mention the word morality, he did not emphasize whether the book had literary value or not, even the basic principle of all democratic law, namely "equality before the law", the legal system, the state attorney gave avacll on by claiming that within this area, in the flood of sexual books and picture magazines, impossible to create justice, – the prosecutor first just one thought across the whole: is this one book wicked in the sense of the law? Daily book and this one paragraph? – Even today, the word "inauthentic" is almost devoid of content, was taken into account. The court should decide whether the book is improper in the sense of the law. But now this law has some sense?

Where has it all taken the mind off when a law is used for no other reason than it exists? It was even deprived of moral significance by the prosecutor, as well as sensible meaning, even the use of the section would lead to a violation of legal equality, it does not serve to preserve public health or to protect the youth. It has no sense.

The court affirmed that it sentenced without regard to equality before the law; the ruling states directly that one should rather take other things, which are still allowed in open trade. The court argued that Without a thread stands out favorably within its industry. It also has moral.

But – and here it is funny: this morality is not right, it is sexual nihilistic. That is the core of the conviction. And what is the nihilist in the book now? – You shouldn't have to look long for it. It says in the second line of the preface: «There is no special sexual morality! ... but only the same that applies in all spheres of life, reasonableness, courage and ordinary humanity and consideration. " It means a lot, namely to replace a magical code of morality with a reasonable, rational morality. The er nihilism.

You can say what you want, but the authorities did not make a very bad choice, as they picked out just this rather innocent book. The verdict involves a violation of the equality of justice – but it is also a judgment too nihilism, and it is probably always, most profoundly, the nihilism that society fears, the destruction of fixed norms and concepts.

It is therefore perfectly logical to ban the book.

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Jens Bjørneboe
Jens Bjørneboe
Author. Wrote in Ny Tids predecessor Orientering.

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