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From the convict's point of view


The prosecution's literary interest bears its fruits. Now as before. It is a surreal effect of a surreal process, and the highlight has not yet been reached. The process will continue. It has been initiated by the Attorney General, First State Attorney and Supreme Court Attorney Johan Hjort, and several processes of the same kind have been promised to us; high-skilled and cloak-clad gentlemen, for weeks and months, will continue their investigation of girl rumps and worse, – butt after butt, step by step, work will be done. The views of life of the buttocks must be examined; if they are ordinary, normal, mercantile butts, then they will have to strut on – if, on the other hand, they are sexual nihilistic butts, then they must be banned for the public.

Other standards on the buttocks are not Norwegian law.

The City Court's conclusion is basically. . .

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Jens Bjørneboe
Author. Wrote in Ny Tids predecessor Orientering.

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