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A reason to fly with SAS? Norwegian requires payment in arrears. SAS chooses to cover it for itself.

An aggressive squeeze on "unpaid airline fare" is Norwegian's strategy to save hundreds of thousands of dollars: They send the bill for the new state airline fare in arrears to customers who had already purchased tickets before 1. June, but made the journey after that date. For security, Norwegian's data department has subsequently added a message about "unpaid fee" if customers today were to search their previously purchased tickets to see what was agreed when the tickets were purchased. However, some reservations about possible additional payment were never taken by Norwegian when the purchase was made.

Thomas Iversen at the Consumer Ombudsman's office can tell that the Aviation Complaints Board is currently dealing with the dispute, as one – of all things – "pilot case" between unwilling customers and the company. It's a little too early for him to flag what he himself thinks, since the office is. . .

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John Y. Jones
Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

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