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Orientering 8.3.1969

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

President Nixon has been in Europe. With him he had, among other things, a black folder. It contains the code that can trigger a nuclear attack.

For the World Gang, this is celebrity. Nixon becomes an exciting read as a man with power over millions of people's lives! Block policy – the balance of terror accepts the VG and NATO press otherwise. VG-Norge is one of Nixon's bases. From here he can direct a possible mass extermination of Russians. A Polaris rocket is enough to make Leningrad a glowing radioactive ash pile.

- But this is only meant as a deterrent. The weapons should never be used, assures NATO staff from VG to Arbeiderbladet.

We just know: The weapons are there. They can be used. They are served by military and directed by politicians who in a given situation are willing to use them. Our own politicians have expressed their willingness. VG is willing. The newspaper contains no protest against Nixon's sea-going death factories which can be routed from Norwegian territory. The balance of terror contains no guarantee that our countrymen will not one day become mass murderers. We therefore think there is reason to reiterate: The black folder contains something more than celebrity literature for a dinner newspaper with court gossip and hashish as other specialties. It contains plans that, in its ultimate consequence, will reduce Himmler's gas stoves to medieval witchcraft.

Norway, such as the US launch ramp and Russian flash, is co-responsible in this unlawful game of international law, with millions of people's lives as efforts. Let us not forget that when politicians drop big words about freedom and human dignity.

Then the same politicians can also let the bomb fall.

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