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From Mærrakrattet to Husebyskogen


The dissatisfaction of the Oslo population with high walls in the center and the United States' desire for security, the US embassy has to move out of the center. In consultation, the Municipality of Oslo investigated a plot near the Garderleiren, with good infrastructure, on a broken ground, a scrub at the Mærradalen, where the free areas are otherwise large.

Øvre Smestad / Huseby is one of the most resourceful areas in Norway. Here they live prosperous with large houses, gardens, gazebos and garages. The US embassy should fit in well here. But the locals immediately began work on training cases, lobbying politicians and occupying the public's columns to prevent the building.

When attorneys, business executives and senior employees of the state live together, they have impressive collective executive power. The municipality knows this. When building a municipal dwelling, it is placed on the eastern edge, where the building can be erected without sabotage of society's collective responsibility. Huseby has become an oasis due to the possibilities within our liberal democracy and judicial system. Here the dangers are few, the speed bumps many, the sports facilities good and hiking areas large – without drug addicts.

The positive is that the locals who are otherwise seeing working in their own gardens have now gathered to renovate and renovate a public area. There were hedges, planted shrubs and roads. In a short time, the ridge became a welcoming little park, and was renamed the cozy and somehow preserved "Husebyskogen".

That's good to know that the spirit of the dew is alive, just a pity that they use forces for their own gain and not for the whole city. Norway is at war. That Huseby will not take part in this world and this city is understandable. Maybe we citizens of Oslo should wait until one night, when the villagers sleep their cardamom dreams within their safe walls, and close Morgedalsveien by Sørkedalsveien, and then we do not get burdened with people who show no responsibility for others but themselves and let the suburban residents armored jeeps in the otherwise formed city streets.

Why and how the AP, the SV and the Left can be convinced by the rhetorical euphemism "Husebyskogen" about the Mærrakratt is a riddle.

Runar Døving, Oslo City Action

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