Theater of Cruelty

From rich to small-state union


As a progressive moral force and a symbol of national unity, the Norwegian monarchy is well worth preserving, Gaute Gunleiksrud claims in Ny Tid on 9 December.

Now the Kingdom of Norway, with the provinces of Norway and Sameland, is a land area where different language cultures have long lived in union with each other, but under an Eastern Nordic custody that has "national unity" as a slogan.

Over the past decade, Sameland has managed to free itself of some linguistic and cultural freedom from the national cohesion agency, and has thus acquired its own Sami language and made its own flag as a symbol of some of this free and self-serving work. The Sámi liberation has also obviously inspired the Kvenans to turn the Finnish target form into a self-contained Kven target. Truleg will thus Kven also get a new flag as a symbol that it is a native language and does not merely target or a private target form.

Stunted to Morten Holmefjord as "The Fusa King", with red-yellow-blue New Norwegian flag, shows that some New Norwegians in the old Gulatings area, from Møre to Agder, have a tendency to think in similar trajectories. The western Nordic and western Norwegian tradition has basically been our very "republican", from old Wolf in Fjordane and Skallagrim, to Erling Skjalgson and all the way to Garborg itself. The article The Norwegian Kingdom of Garborg, which is in the article collection Politics (1919), is probably the best thing to write about the kingdom in this country.

All in the Austrian-Norwegian royal family is good and pleasant enough as private individuals, but it is still first and foremost the custodial austrian Nordic culture they represent. It is a culture that I have come to know through indoctrination in the school, through the "national unity" in the tradition of the Bjørnson League, the Lysaker Circle, the Federation of Lords, the Circuit and the Home Front's leadership (which wanted the mayors of the municipality not to be elected by the people, but excluded by the counties after the war), and most recently through an austrian minister of education who at a teacher meeting advised the teachers in Rogaland to teach Ibsen in the Norwegian times and rather banish the brilliant Garborg for one hour in home knowledge!

Møge would be well prepared to enable me in this "Norwegian" area soon to have another governing system, a republican alliance of small, but more linguistic and culturally free and independent states that would be happy to cooperate with each other, such as "Norway", Sweden and Denmark can with its (aust) Nordic cooperation.

Trygve Lande is a mountain spirit.

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