Peace, freedom and everything for free

What would happen if a poor man suddenly put a million in his hands? Do you think he or she would soon be back in the same financial situation as before? That's not it – and Ruther Bregman's Utopia for Realists can convince you of the fact. This is a book that has garnered considerable international attention. Two of today's most important thinkers, Steven Pinker and Zygmunt Bauman, have pressed it to their chest, not only because it is well-written, but also because it is so important with its themes. For how do we end poverty? What happens when machines take over working life? Why should one introduce citizen pay? What is the reason why it is not socially profitable for banks? How can good ideas change society? That this book has excited both future optimist Pinker and dystopist Bauman, says his. It may be the stomachs of future pessimists, but it is not a book for scavenger optimists who need something enjoyable to read on their way to their overpaid job in the oil industry.
"We live in a wonderful time," Bregman writes in the book's opening chapter, listing the misery of the past. Then . . .

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