A little war, if appropriate

There are a number of scenes in Peace nation Norway which makes you as a reader sit and moan. Not necessarily of the war situations – although these are very well portrayed, and just as dramatic as one might imagine. Most people realize that this is, after all, a matter of sharp missions, and that the situation has demanded – and characterized – human life. On the contrary – the resentment lies not in the realities of the war, but in the way there, in the way the Norwegian forces have been throwing balls at various (lacking) ambitions, and in how one hand has very often not known what the other has done.

"Consensus" is a smart construction

The concept that often becomes central in discussions about the Norwegian foreign, security and defense policy approach is consensus. It is a smart construction, partly because it is true, built on an understandable ambition that such vital decisions are up to the entire political spectrum of a nation as small as ours, and not just to the government currently sitting.
Most often, the political environment succeeds in agreeing on the way forward. The debate is kept far away from the boiling point, and the impression is left that everything is going well after all. . .

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