The many points of impact of the Peace Prize

War E Pace. KianoGuerra E Pace. Kianoush. Sweep Up For Peace. See Libex.Euush. Sweep Up For Peace. See Libex.Eu

What do Mother Teresa, Yassir Arafat and the EU have in common? Apart from the fact that they are famous names, they are strange bedfellow friends. Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who worked among the poorest in the world. Yasir Arafat was the leader of the PLO and an important part of the Oslo agreement. The EU is a union with its own parliament and legislation.

And all three have been considered worthy of receiving one of the world's most prestigious awards – the Nobel Peace Prize. Everyone who receives the Peace Prize has one important common denominator: They fell in love with the five members of the Nobel Committee. What kind of work they have done, and what issues they represent, there is a wide range.

Peace work no longer takes place only in the tallest marble palaces with a formal framework. . .

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