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Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About the United States' new plan, and conditions on the ground.

We are there now, in 2020. New Year's plans for the 2020s have been discussed around the world. But i Gaza two million people are more concerned with how they will survive the next decade.

Salwa Abu Nemer

Salwa Abu Nemer starts laughing, but ends up coughing when we mention the UN warning as early as 2012 which assumed that "Gaza would become uninhabitable in eight years."

Nemer's reaction was quick at first, told as she sat in a smoky corner of her miserable house: "We were already dead twenty years ago!" She said this – a 30-year-old mother of seven – while making an omelette in a burnt-out frying pan. They live in Nahr al-Bared, Gaza's poorest refugee camp.

At the time, the UN Representative on Palestinian Territories (UNCT) said that the infrastructure "is struggling to keep up with a growing population."

Nemer tells MODERN TIMES that «The UN miscalculated 20 years ago. Dozens of families in the camp are starving without having daily bread or any mattresses to sleep on. We will now face the same miserable situation Trump og Kushners fateful plan. ”

Pointing to her eight-year-old daughter, she mentions that a monthly dose of syrup costs around $ 79, almost a monthly salary: “How can we afford it when her father works to carry crushed stones on a donkey-drawn cart for four dollars? day? The simple answer is that we must beg today, in the year 2020. "

Abeer Zourob

Palestinians have rejected US President Donald Trump's new Middle East peace plan from January. . .

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Nadia Othman
Othman is a regular correspondent for Ny Tid, living in Gaza.
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