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Free movie – or?

The film censorship in its present form must go away. This is the reason for the start of the Free Film Association, says editor Bjørn Bjørnsen Orientering.

23.March 1968
By: Kjell Cordtsen, editor

The association aims to show Vilgot Sjömans total ban I'm curious – yellow which closed the show first in April. Members can become members who either subscribe to one of our film magazines, who are a member of a film club or subscribe to Free Film by filling out the enclosed form in a PAX book, written by Vilgot Sjöman on the preparation and recording of this film. .

If Free Film wins the probable case against the Department of Justice, the movie censorship will in reality be eroded.

“The censorship today shames a number of artistically valuable films. It can do this without any kind of control. In other cases, it has chosen a total ban rather than breaking the artistic whole of a movie.

An immediate requirement must therefore be. . .

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