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- Free immigration perfectly ok

- We should open the Norwegian borders for free immigration, but we must also offer immigrants the same conditions as we have in Norway today, says SU leader Audun Herning.


Editor of the magazine Minerva, Nikolai E. Astrup, believes that Norwegian politicians are good at talking about solidarity and aid, but it does not help with words, it requires action. He writes this in the article on pages 2-3 in this week's edition of Ny Tid. We have asked the leader of Socialist Youth, Audun Herning, if he can support the views of Astrup.

- Do you agree with Nicolai E. Astrup that we should open the borders for free immigration?

- Yes, I support such an initiative. I see no reason why Norway should not have open borders.

- But do you agree with Astrup's justification?

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