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Leisure employment and citizen profitability

Hunter, shepherds, critics. A utopia for the digital society
Forfatter: Richard David Precht
Forlag: Goldmann Verlag (Tyskland)
German philosopher Richard David Precht wants to create a utopia for the digital society where enlightenment and education are at the center.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Richard David Precht (b. 1964) was previously translated into Norwegian with Who Am I – and if so, how many? (2011). His latest book Jäger, Hirten, Critic. Eine Utopie für die Digital Gesellschaft ("Hunter, Shepherd, Critic. A Utopia for the Digital Society") has been on the bestseller lists in Germany for the past six months and has already produced half a dozen editions. He is one of Germany's most well-known philosophers, but is dismissed by many as a media phenomenon.

The author regrets that the long-term perspective has disappeared from politics – tactics have. . .

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