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From gender to control

These are not the usual gender differences (or MeToo) which is discussed in What Helmer could say to Nora – and other essays, written by Dag Østerberg – now published posthumously on Gyldendal.

Most of the essays were newly written for this book, and five of them are about gender and women – including Ibsen's Nora, Sigrid Undset and Simone de Beauvoir. This is in contrast to almost exclusively male references in Østerberg's previous book From Marx to recent capital criticism, which I interviewed him about a few months before he died in February, 78 years old (see the recent video interview at the bottom).

Østerberg mentions that Ibsen's Nora was assigned the role of "doll" and "toy", but also gives Helmer a different role. De Beauvoir understood man's situational freedom, but also emphasized "the individual's full and full responsibility for their actions". And Østerberg writes that Undset "does not accept the claim that women have been oppressed by men for thousands of years". Undset wrote in 1918: "Female sensualism is profoundly different from men's materialism." Østerberg asks with her whether women's liberation is a liberation on men's terms, and emphasizes her work for those at the bottom of the ranking – both men and women.

According to editor Håvard Friis Nilsen's editor, Østerberg said that man is faced with two important tasks: first one must find oneself, be sure of what one is, and then lose oneself – and then be with the others and give to the community.

What about equality or equality? Østerberg is quick to point out that "equality is not the only desirable or obvious goal. Difference is also important for our perception of. . .

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