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From here to hell and back

Forfatter: Anne-Britt Harsem
Forlag: Cappelen Forlag (Oslo)
UTØYA: New book about the traumas of the neighbors. It is assumed that the volunteer women and men at Utøya transported more than 250 terrified young people to safety. At the same time, the police and the emergency services failed.

I Neighbors gives Anne-Britt Harsem the reader an insight into the dramatic hours where one follows the volunteer helpers, women and men around Utøya during the terrorist attack on July 22, 2011.

She presents five different perceptions of reality and later even more stories about what it was like to participate in the rescue work – and how these have had it in the time since. Cruel and exciting depictions. It will be completely unadorned and horrible – with each one. . .

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Bjørn Kasper ILaug
Ilaug is educated in marketing and computer science. He made a name for himself for his participation in the rescue work during the terrorist attack on Utøya on July 22, 2011. Ilaug was among the volunteer helpers who were named "Name of the Year" by the newspaper VG in 2011 and who in 2012 were awarded the Torstein Dale Memorial Prize by the Red Cross in Norway, and honored by the Norwegian Lifesaving Society. In the King's Council of State on 15 June 2012, Ilaug was awarded the Medal for noble deed in silver.
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