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From inside the maze

Regissør: Laura Poitras

Risk is incomplete as a study of the WikiLeaks and Julian Assange website, but an interesting human document.

“Selfish, but also brave. He works with the image of himself – he is strong, but also very vulnerable. ”This is one of the first thoughts Laura Poitras – best known for Citizenfour, the solid documentary about Edward Snowden from 2014 – does when she works on her new film about Australian Julian Assange.

Assange is the man behind the biggest channel for leakage online of more or less secret info. Poitras' reflections on the protagonist and WikiLeaks regularly appear in voice-over throughout the film. The director is obviously his admirer, but she also fears him, yes, she does confounded by him: He is more erratic, has a bigger ego and is more concerned with using the information he has access to than Snowden. Both are whistleblowers in a way, but where Snowden had a clear mission – a limited, defined mandate – it's more unclear what role Assange plays.

Is sharing democratic? Assange believes that "the population deserves to know what is actually happening behind the scenes", which especially applies to large news organizations and state apparatus, including intelligence organizations. A key moment for WikiLeaks, the bearer of this ideology, took place the site published a video showing U.S. soldiers killing Iraqis wandering the streets – accompanied by contemptuous comments. . .

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Do the right thing

Spike Lee: NYC EPICENTERS 911-> 2021½
Spike Lee's documentary series, which now airs on HBONordic, is a comprehensive depiction of New York – interspersed with memories, stories and insights from eyewitnesses to the city's largest terrorist attack.

20 years after September 11

Dylan Avery: SEVEN
A research team in Alaska has via research and new computer-simulated models concluded that the NIST report on 11 September has been incorrect. Something for NRK?

Grief is how we feel – when a loss is a fact (watch the movie here)

Andrea Culková: Žal Žen (Grief / Sorg)
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Continuation rather than replay

Joachim Trier: The world's worst man
With The World's Worst Man, Joachim Trier has very possibly made his best film to date. And it is more than just the capital that connects it to Reprise and Oslo, 31 August.

The trauma story

Aslaug Holm, Sigve Endresen: Generation Utøya
Utøya as a hotbed for budding party affiliation: This generation still cannot be gagged.

An investigative contemporary image of July 22

Tommy Gulliksen: The legacy of July 22
Tommy Gulliksen's second documentary about July 22 shows a vulnerability that is both reflective, wondering and sincerely honest.
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