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From production to reproduction

Interview with philosopher Paul Preciado: The Old Days Workers' Camp was about collectivization of the means of production; today it is about the collectivization of reproduction means. 

The Weinstein case and MeToo wave has dumped the old seduction relationships. Will we now see a change in the behavior of men and women in matters concerning love life and sexuality? Or do we lose both desire and freedom when we constantly have to reformat the codes of seduction? For the Spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado, a regular columnist in the New Age as well as in the French Libération, there is no doubt: What we experience in the wake of MeToo, can be compared to the paradigm shifts the world has been through in the past, such as the transition to the heliocentric worldview and the abolition of slavery.

The Weinstein affair initiated a major political, sexual and institutional crisis, where the question of who has the right to petition was central. As a chronicler, curator of the Documenta and Venice Biennale, and well-known gender and sexuality philosopher, the tireless Preciado is a case in itself: a lesbian woman who has become a trans man and thus a "runner" between the sexes. A rare man who has known both the feminine and the masculine in the head and body, and all the nuances and characteristics of the two positions. A "refugee of sexuality" with the unparalleled intellectual freedom it offers to be on both sides of the gender wall at the same time – and beyond.

- This autumn, the Weinstein affair broke. . .

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Daumas is a writer in French Liberation.

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