Hammer Insert neoliberalism

From social democracy to neoliberalism

How is the development of society understood? Through ideas, actors and concrete processes, or through discourses, management techniques and projects for societal formation? MODERN TIMES's Svein Hammer picks up two books that are in relation to each other (one his own).

Hammer is Dr. Polit. in Sociology and regular reviewer in MODERN TIMES.
E-mail: svein.hammer@gmail.com
Published: October 13, 2020

[Note. Only published online]

In December 2017 granted Fritt ord scholarship for two projects with many similarities. My first thought was, "Maybe they should be united into one book?" Now, however, there were two books, both published this fall. One is written by Ola Innset, and has been given the title The market turnaround. The history of neoliberalism in Norway. The other is written by me and is called Social democracy versus neoliberalism. Norwegian governing art and social formation 1814–2020.

Each of us has tried to say something wise about how Norway has changed from a social democratic to a…

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