Joyful journey in the world of art

With his 26 essays, the American author and filmmaker Chris Kraus (b. 1955) explores the lives of various artists who work in different art styles such as performance, photography and visual art. The essays serve as short, critical biographies that describe her personal experiences with art and the artist. In addition, the book contains transcripts of her conversations with the artists who are represented, as well as a seven-year e-mail exchange with a Romanian woman who wants Kraus to write about this in her next book. She is well acquainted with Kraus' autobiographical writing style and wants to be known through her, something she also realizes with this release.

With Social Practices Kraus points out that art can be so much – in most cases an all-consuming and social life project, hence the title.

Autobiographical life project

The book is a result of Kraus' own "social practice", which started in the strip club community in New York at the end. . .

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