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Furthermore, as if nothing has happened 

The dilemmas that arise when one is to be a good ally and at the same time promote democracy and more prosperity cast long shadows.


On 10 January, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reported on Norway's Afghanistan efforts and the Godal Committee's NOU 2016: 8, «A good ally – Norway in Afghanistan 2001–2014». The statement was subsequently criticized, both in the media and by Storting politicians, among other things for not addressing and problematizing a number of issues that were put under the microscope by the Godal committee. Among the most disturbing is the practice where decisions about Norway's participation in war and international operations are made based on closed orienteringis in an enlarged Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee – a practice that weakens democratic control of our military forces. The closest we came to any admission of wrongdoing was the following: "We have gained experience and lessons that we take with us."

The Afghans fear that what has been achieved in the last 15 years will weather.

What we miss from the Foreign Minister is clarity around which experiences they have gained and what they take with them further. The fact that there is progress in important areas such as health, education and gender equality cannot be used to cover up how the overall military involvement in Afghanistan has affected. . .

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