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Galtung's method of peace

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:: Johan Galtung turns 90 on UN Day on 24 October.

[We have posted a recent video with Galtuing here. ed.]

This autumn, Norway has stationed special forces for the desert war in Jordan. At the same time, there is an escalating escalation along the Russian border – where NATO exercises include nuclear submarines and aircraft designed for nuclear missiles. NATO has claimed the right to "be the first to use nuclear weapons", and Russia has responded in the same way. China is preparing for war in the South China Sea.

But what helps the world's enormous war machine against climate change – or against a microscopic covid virus? If we are to become stronger in the work for alternatives to this militarism, we must understand peacebuilding og

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Susanne Urban
Leader of the International Women's League for Peace and Fertility (IKFF-Bergen).

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