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The Gaza children do not play like others

A seven-year-old in today's Gaza has experienced three brutal wars. But bleak prospects also create violence among Gaza's children.

Basem's armed group eventually succeeds in capturing the opponents, forcing them to surrender with their hands over their heads. They push the prisoners hard in the back with plastic Kalashnikovs, after hunting them for a few minutes. We are in a refugee camp in Gaza, and the camp's kids have fighting games as their favorite pastime when they gather after school. Then they imitate the Palestinian resistance fighters who capture Israeli soldiers, by arming themselves with models of Kalashnikovs, machine guns, RPG rocket launchers and serrated wooden knives. "I feel really strong – stronger than my friends when we play fighting games," said heavily-armed 14-year-old Basem Abu Muhsin, who has reinforced both of his flanks with Uzi submachine guns. The intoxication of victory is strong when the opponents have to surrender after a fierce exchange of shots,. . .

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