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Raus's film about a viable protest gymnast

rebellion school
Regissør: Elsa Kvamme
(Norge, Sverige, Danmark / USA)

A bold, Norwegian-born experiment turned troubled sixties youth into high school executives with influence far beyond national borders.

The film about Experimental Gym embraces far more than colorful flashbacks to youth hippies in confident expression. Former students of different kinds say that it was only here that they came into contact with what was to become their place in life. Everyone warmly mentions his time at the school, including other band members in Jokke and Valentines, multi-artist Joachim Nielsen and his fellow students, such as Gunnar "Goggen" Andersen and other gangsters in Nielsen's fabulous and satirical cartoon universe.

Equally, it is the presentation of the norms of the time – and the associated opposition to them – that gives the greatest weight to Elsa Kvamme's documentary: Experimental Gym as a viable experiment, which in order to make it have to blast through the wall of conventionalism that characterized this era. Dialedørsskolen Let us meet a Norway in the late sixties, where the adults sit neatly and neatly at the discovered coffee table and exercise close control over what is said and who says it – a streamlined generation that ensures that the education system is similarly tight and tight.

Demo for school

From the left comes youth revolts and thoughts that studying should be something far more than sitting quietly at a nursing school – straight in the back and hands folded on the desk. Kvamme takes us back to a time when the adults' belief that the youth themselves could acquire knowledge practically did not exist. Yes, the age group itself was suspicious.

The adults sit neatly and neatly at the discovered coffee table and exercise close control over what is said and who says it.

Dokumentaren viser denne foruroligende fordømmelsen av og mistillit . . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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