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The background for what is happening

GAZA: The following points can help people understand the background to what is really happening:

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Rita Giacaman
Giacaman is a professor of public health at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University. Founder of the Institute, Rita has chronicled the effects of Israeli military occupation on the life and health of Palestinians under occupation.
  1. In general, it seems that many Western governments and media present the events without mentioning the cause of the problem: It dates back to 1948 with the establishment of Israel, the dissolution of Palestinian society and the forced relocation that made two-thirds of the Palestinian population refugees without the right to return to their own home country. This is what it is nakba (disaster in Arabic); it took place 73 years ago and has lasted until today.
  2. Although I understand that it is part of the British colonial mentality, I still find it surprising that the British offered Palestine to Jews from Europe who suffered under anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

The Palestinians had nothing to do with this terrible and tragic historical phase. The colonial power's slogan "A land without people for a people without land" to justify the settlement of Jews from Europe and the expulsion of Palestinians from their land is simply a lie. I and many other Palestinians have family trees and other documents that show that we have lived in Palestine for centuries. My family tree dates back to 1636 and shows that we have been here in Palestine for some time.

  1. I also think it is incredible that the UN decided to divide Palestine. The UN divided a country – a country the organization did not own – to give over half of this country to what is now called Israel. This led to the disintegration of Palestinian society, with two-thirds of the population dispersed as refugees to neighboring countries, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and around the world. This is the root of the problem, which is often covered up, denied and pushed aside.
  2. This was reinforced when the West Bank, including the Palestinian East Jerusalem Giacaman: The background to what is happening and the Gaza Strip, came under Israeli military rule and was colonized as a result of the Arab-Israeli war in 1967, called naksa (setback in Arabic).
  3. In the West Bank, this colonization meant – and still means – illegal takeover of land, illegal political violence by the settlers and the Israeli army, fragmentation of land, enclaves, control of the economy, control of people's movements as well as the transport of goods. This means control over land, water, air, Israeli checkpoints everywhere, and a ban on societal development. This means the establishment of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which is illegal under the Geneva Conventions.
  4. The Oslo Accords of 1993 consolidated Israel's control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. As a result, 60 percent of the West Bank was completely controlled by Israel, 18 percent was under Palestinian control.
  5. From the 1990s, there was an increasingly extensive siege on the Gaza Strip. In 2006, the situation intensified as a result of the democratic election of Hamas. The West and Israel refused to recognize

the democratically elected government and forced a split between Fateh in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This led to a division of the two areas and the people, as we know it today.

  1. For many years, Israel has worked systematically to make Palestinian East Jerusalem Jewish. Methods include annexation and forced deportation of Palestinian families. The Palestinian people will stay

Citizens without political or other rights.

  1. We are now facing an annexation of the Jordan Valley, around 30 percent of the West Bank, and frequent attacks by the Israeli army and settlers against Palestinians at various times. They wish

The country without its current inhabitants. The Palestinians are an endangered people.

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