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Globalization has barely begun

Forfatter: AGORA
Forlag: (2/3 2016)
Are the days of globalization over, replaced by a passive distinction between the safe and the supportive? 

globalization is the theme of the new issue of the philosophy magazine AGORA (2 / 3, 2016). The theme comes through 16 contributions, half of which are book reviews. The edition is man-heavy (only 19 percent of the texts are written by women), but does well grasp where the globalization debate stands today – 30 years after it started.

Because was it that increased economic integration would reduce the role of the nation state and render it powerless and irrelevant? Rather, with the financial crisis's extensive state rescue operations in 2008, the opposite was shown. It also highlighted how integrated state and capital really are, or how nationally protectionist – apropos of how America's new business leader and President Donald Trump are now promising a new isolationism. Although the world has become more global through ubiquitous media and cheap transportation, cheap airline tickets may not really make people as cosmopolitan, liberated or enriched as expected.

Peter Sloterdijk. PHOTO: Rainer Lück http://1RL.de – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Among AGORA's many contributions, one contrast is evident in two texts exclusion og withdrawal, topics covered by Saskia Sasken. . .

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