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Engagement is aroused on social media

On May 25, several of my friends independently shared in their Facebook feed an absurd picture and a text by the famous English nature photographer, Sir David Attenborough. The photo was of a stork covered with plastic all over his body, it looked like it had stepped its head into a transparent bag we buy fruit in, and only its beak and legs were plastic-free. The photo was credited to National Geographic. Attenborough wrote (freely translated): "If a single photo can fully illustrate the damage humans do to nature… Please think before you buy something made of plastic, do you need it? If you do, throw it away properly. Wherever I go now, whether in the mountains, over the moors or along the coast, there is plastic everywhere. The government has no idea, when they think to act, it is too late, they will ban wet wipes and cotton swabs within the next twenty years !!!! It is up to us consumers to shop now, enough is enough, plastic will destroy the world and wildlife. (…) Please share. » And over two hundred thousand people around the world shared his post on Facebook during the first week, and over five thousand commented. This is how we ideally remind each other to pay more attention. When people who influence us raise our voices, like Attenborough, through their lifelong dedication to the world's diverse wildlife, we stop and listen.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is also included We Are Still In

Photo: Kevin Dooley

Recently, the charity Bloomberg Philantrophies also became part of the US agreement The American Cities Climate Challenge. The deal is signed by mayors of 230 US cities, and includes 70 million people, according to Bloomberg Philantropies. This agreement means maintaining the goals of the Paris Agreement, even though President Donald Trump withdrew the US from it in 2017. On the website of the network We Are Still In we read that "The American Cities Climate Challenge will support ambitious action with the expertise and financial support needed to make important improvements in the quality of life of the citizens of the city covered by the agreement, improvements that are good for the climate."

Bloomberg Philantropies has the environment as one of its five focus areas. Former businessman and spokesman for the company, Mike Bloomberg, in a statement on the website clearly stated that even though Trump has withdrawn the United States from
The Paris Agreement, "the American people are committed to reaching its goals, and there is nothing Washington can do to stop us [in this]".

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