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Celebrities will highlight the girls

An open letter signed by at least 140 famous women and men: Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, Juliette Binoche, Bono (U2) and several others, highlights the difficult situation of the world's poorest girls and women. Here it must be traded, says the call, which is addressed to "world leaders". Figures are drawn that girls do not have education, women are without their own bank account, and that girls are married off as child brides. In addition, celebrities demand that the big difference in wages between men and women be leveled out. Powerful men in summits such as G7 and G20, and more, will in the future feel an increasing pressure to change the conditions for the better for the female part of the population.

World Environment Day

World Environment DayOn June 5, the World Environment Day will be organized. This is the UN's most important day to encourage us to take better care of our planet, as well as spread knowledge about concrete measures. World Environment Day started in 1974 and is now marked in over a hundred countries. There is one special host country every year, this year it is India, and there is one particular theme that is all about, this year to stop plastic pollution. More information can be found at http://worldenvironmentday.global See also Instagram and topic threads: BeatPlasticPollution og Earlier this spring, it became clear that the international company Holland & Barrett has decided to withdraw all krill from the market, which should have come into force today. Krill are sourced from vulnerable Arctic sea areas and are an important part of the food chain for penguins, whales and seals. Holland & Barrett has offered a number of krill oil products to us consumers. In a press release on Greenpeace's international page, we read that the company will now leave the vulnerable Arctic areas alone in the future. The trigger for this decision was a report from Greenpeace on the consequences of krill fishing, but also the power of consumers: After Greenpeace published the report, Peter Aldis, CEO of Holland & Barrett, received over 24 emails in 45 hours.

Citygroup no longer supports dumping of mining waste in Norwegian fjords

World Environment DayEvery year, 220 million tonnes of mining waste is dumped into the world's oceans, rivers and lakes, according to the Nature Conservation Association: "Most countries in the world have stopped the devastating sea dumping, while Norway is one of five countries that still allow it." A campaign this spring, Ditch Ocean Dumping, led by an international coalition of environmental and human rights organizations, has yielded results. Here, the international bank Citygroup became the first financial institution to be challenged to stop investing in environmental crime. The bank has previously supported dumping in Førdefjord and Repparfjord. Citygroup responded quickly to the campaign and should now have stopped all investments to companies dumping mining waste into the sea.

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