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Good drones


The Institute for Peace Research (PRIO) has the new book of the month The Good Drone gave us one extraordinarily informative and intelligent consideration of the new unmanned "aircraft". As part of PRIO's series «Emerging technologies, ethics and international affairs» The Good Drone take hold of the social and mental changes that follow new technology.

The drones are known from Obama's death lists, where he each week signed executions of suspected dangerous people around the world. Thousands have been killed using drones, as you can see in the movie Drone (2014). These cynical executions occur without trial, and the rockets often strike civilians as well.

But what are drones? according to The Good Drone they fly high and low, short and long, fast and slow. They are large, small or in micro and nano size. They act alone or in swarms, are powered by gasoline, battery, solar. . .

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Truls Liehttp: /www.moderntimes.review/truls-lie
Editor-in-chief in MODERN TIMES. See previous articles by Lie i Le Monde diplomatique (2003–2013) and Morgenbladet (1993-2003) See also part video work by Lie here.

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  1. "For anyone interested in delving deeper into contemporary militarization – read the book!"

    Yes. And for anyone who has an interest in going deeper into contemporary militarization in concrete terms – buy or build your own drone now, before the regulations for the acquisition of drones, parts and equipment, as well as the use of this for civilian actors are further tightened.

    There has already been a round of regulation after small drones became widely available and popular toys and work tools for e.g. photographers in certain parts of the industry. Big brother always wants a technological lead and / or monopoly, and as the potential becomes even more obvious and larger, and the number increases, there will be severe restrictions on ordinary civilians' ability to own or fly drones; a general ban is not unlikely. Then one can say that there will have to be strong restrictions in the use of drones regardless of political motive – for purely security and aviation considerations. Ok. But if someone for various reasons in a given future scenario, perhaps with good reason (it is for example never allowed to make a revolution either), should want to take the law into their own hands and use a drone in ways that may be in conflict with a future set of rules (I'll drone you back, shithead!), this is of course easier or only possible for those who have already got the equipment in house before it was forbidden to acquire it.

    You notice that Big Brother does not sleep for an hour either, it's good (life gets so boring without qualified resistance):


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