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The Art of Good Life
Forfatter: Rolf Dobelli
Forlag: Piper Verlag (Tyskland)
Do what you are good at and withstand the restlessness of today, says self-help guru Dobelli. 

The Swiss self-help book Rolf Dobelli's third self-help book has just been published by the German publisher Piper. Previously, he has written bestsellers on the art of thinking clearly (2011) and the art of acting wisely (2012). This year's book has been named The Art of Good Life - "The Art of Having a Good Life" – with the subtitle "52 Surprising Paths to Happiness".

Dobelli's method is negative: It is far easier to say what makes us unhappy than to positively decide what happiness is. Wisdom consists of avoiding difficulties, and the book's 52 chapters present just as many mental exercises that will steer us away from the dead ends.

To be happy, we need to develop an immune system where the economic virus does not penetrate – a "circle of values".

Lykken finnes ikke i det å stole på følelsene, mener forfatteren – for ved å studere egne indre tilstander havner man bare i en hengemyr av stemninger, tankebrokker og humørsvingninger. Andres følelser bør tas mer alvorlig, ifølge sveitseren. Beslutninger tatt på følelsesmessig grunnlag, fører en . . .

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Eivind Tjønneland
Idea historian.

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