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Grass root in Greek

A solidarity network in Greece may seem optimistic – but they have no other choice.

After the so-called troika (the European Union, the European Central Bank and the IMF) forced Syriza's left government to kneel in the summer of 2015 and inflicted further austerity measures and deteriorated living conditions for the Greeks, the self-help organization from below has become even more required. It has not crumbled. The measures implemented from 2012 onwards continue – while new initiatives are now being taken to further develop the movement.

The needs are enormous in a country where a quarter are unemployed, where wages and pensions are cut, where more than a third live below the poverty line and government debt is unmanageable. The EU is threatening further austerity this fall to transfer the money promised to Tsipras last year. Predicted debt securities are exposed to far out in 2017.

The EU leadership – led by the Germans and the president of the Eurogroup, the Dutch Jeroen Dijsselbloem – is dissatisfied with the Greeks' training to implement several measures. Now in September and October, the battle is over for further pension cuts and about. . .

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