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Green djugurba

How about shifting focus from consumer to natural objects?

In the cosmology of Walbiri and Pitjantjatjara Aborigines, there are two temporal
eras. One is present and near past, the other ancestral time called "dream time" or "djugurba". Under djugurba the ancestors formed laws, rules and not least: the landscape. The creation of the landscape took place in several ways, including: "metamorphosis", in which an ancestor was transformed into the landscape; "Imprint", where an ancestor's touch shaped the landscape; "Externalization", in which an ancestor "pulled the landscape out" – for example by laying two eggs, two round stones were created. All three methods have one thing in common: the ancestor – subject – transformed, created or otherwise shaped the landscape – object. The object is thus part of the subject,. . .

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