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Limitless twists

Sequences against Omega
Forfatter: Göran Sonnevi
Forlag: Albert Bonniers Förlag (Sverige)
Göran Sonnevis's latest collection of poems shows a great poet far out in his life.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Göran Sonnevi never sheds complexity in his poetry – it is constantly present in his poems. Still, his latest collection of poems opens Sequences against Omega with a fairly simple observation of a butterfly, a grip he repeats many times throughout the book. He identifies and describes insects, birds and flowers as parts of the chaotic and complex world – as when he senses that fewer and fewer species are visible, and that there are major and dramatic changes in nature. The gaze of fauna and flora acts as a point of reference during the reading, and says much about Sonnevi as a passionate, but at the same time sober observer when these creatures emerge in front of, for example, him and his loved ones.

The endless. It is noted that Sonnevi is nearing the end of life – "omega" is also the last letter of the Greek alphabet. In other words, omega stands for the ending, the end – and in mathematics, which Sonnevi clearly knows well, "omega" symbolizes the endlessness. And the poems has something infinite about itself; some run across many pages and cover everything from the Sweden Democrats, IS, the military coup in Egypt in 2013, a Kurdish-Iraqi refugee couple, the genocide of the Armenians in 1915, sick and dying friends, family, the moon phases of the summer sky, beggars. . .

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