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The gold from the victims of the Holocaust

FALSE / "Neutral" countries like Sweden and Switzerland benefited from huge stolen gold revenues used by Hitler's Germany
During World War II. The gold financed, among other things, the concentration camps' factories.

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On a May day just over a year after the end of World War II, the Swedish Governor Ivar Rooth was a guest of his colleagues in Switzerland. Both countries were under strong pressure from the so-called Tripartite Commission, led by the United States with England and France as assistants.

The victorious powers demanded the repayment of all the stolen gold that neutral countries had received from Berlin during the war. The Swiss had initially rejected the claim. All gold transactions with the Third Reich had taken place on normal business terms, they believed. No basis was recognized for a claim for repayment.

The first hearing in March 1946 had ended in collapse. The country's chief negotiator Walter Stucki left Washington. . .

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Arne Ruth
Ruth is a former editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter.

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