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Habitants and Cuba

Duration of the Declaration of 60, and the siglo pasado, they produce a tree of nacimientos and Cuba, for the moment of confession and the recent revolution.


It is embarrassing in the news that everything has completely failed, which is called "the vacation syndrome", which implies that practice does not occur in the country.

As a matter of fact, the population of 11,2 millonimproximadamente, per the longevity of the figure of 1 488 centenarios, is now implicitly in the 7 500 habitant. The area where pies are ten people's homes in Villa Clara. También hay cerca de 2,0 mm de personas con 60 años o más, lo que se conoce por la tercera edad.

However, it is the decree of the occupation, the emigration, the effect of the foundations of the Economics Act, the Mayoría de los abandonan el país or pretend hacerlo están and other labor.

Coming to this cadena, the problem is that it extends and posibilidades the mantra estable to the production and service and to the economy of the national, as well as the man to the top escalation. Reviews, the gobierno tuvo is modified by Ley de Seguridad Social, as well as 5 a la edad de retiro, to the hombres como de las mujeres.

Quizas aquellos no mantengan al dia los conocimientos sobre las dificultades que tens vivir los habitantes de Cuba's pregunten: ¿por qué sucede esto? It responds to bias, it is a phenomenon of social inclinations with the failure of the system and the system of futurism and sentimentality.

With some illustrative examples, one can have a better idea of ​​what is happening. It should be noted that the Cuban governor has sold for years the image of a country with "logos", between them health and education. At the moment none of these areas resist the minorities of the analysis. The Health System is completely backward, the Family Medicine program is exhausted. In the majority of hospitals in the country, with very high levels of maintenance due to lack of maintenance, there are no doctors; The bodyguards are guarded by alumni of the International School of Medicine and on many occasions there is no possibility of taking an analysis of places due to lack of resources.

Claro, los países amigos, y otros no tan amigos, pero se aprovechan de esta politica de la dictadura en el poder, his ten medical cubans, and los rincones más apartados and también medicinas y recursos.

Hacia adentro justifies itself in this complex situation, with the same "strip" as always: "is the culprit of imperialism yanqui".

For other educational purposes, they have a deterioration of course and belief. Now you can differentiate between a hall, and a guide to a maestro. Son muy pocos los que en estos momentos quieren owner or profession, teniendo un título acreditativo. It is because of the direction of the pais, have the idea of ​​inventing.

First treat with retired masters, given the possibility of increasing their monthly increments, but without result. The actual experiment is linked to the "emerging masters" called his students of a higher level than the one to impart classes. For example, the secondary school is in the primary school. But this also works, even if the classes are on television. Además, hay que añadir, que a las escuelas ha llegado corruption que invade el pais.

Per como, they are the societies of social fuer pocas, who are the individual carts, who are the falta of the vivienda. ¿Dónde podrá vivir el bebé que nace?

Quotes of officials he says are worth up to 60% of the foundation's habitat, which is a deplorable one. También los huracanes -and los últimos años- han afectado may have the 600 miles in number and number of families in the largo del país no ten casa para vivir.

The gobierno's pursuit of the decider is that of the human son, minima durante este Tipo de la naturaleza, pero afectaciones a la vivienda, a los recursos personales ya la economía en general, son cuantiosas. It is the infrastructure of the city, never traveled in a hurry, the mayor of the city's vulnerabilities but the source of the meteorological disaster.

The Cuban is in need of recourse to the "bohíos" antiques, construction and wall construction of dry palm trees, which alone will last the next cyclone. If the promises were made 50 years ago, he committed suicide. The construction materials industry, dedicated years of its production, now destabilized, to the ejection of tunnels for the execution, with the end to support the so-called "war of all the people".

Solve sobriety, per capita accumulation, no difference in content, failure of estimulos material, son otros muchos, decisivos para que la mujer cubana no piense en reproducirse, es por eso que nuestra población en veece y no crece. For the purpose of enabling public mobility, we have transformed the social and economic politics of Paris.

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