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Half way to foreign

Kristin Halvorsen joins the Foreign Affairs Committee as an ordinary member. SV gets two committee leaders in the new parliament.


SV leader Kristin Halvorsen takes the step out of the Control and Constitution Committee, and into the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Storting. Ågot Valle will chair the Control and Constitution Committee, while Rolf Reikvam will chair the Education Committee. Most of SV's old parliamentary representatives hold their seats – the exception is Ågot Valle who leaves the Family and Culture Committee – while the tension has been linked to the freshmen in the Storting.

Many had expected that former leader of the Nature Conservation Association and Nature and Youth, Heidi Sørensen, should get a seat in the Energy and Environment Committee. Instead, another new representative with an environmental background ended up here: Ingvild Vaggen Malvik from Sør-Trøndelag has been chairman of the Future in our hands, and resigned in his time out of the Ap because of the gas power case. Heidi Sørensen ends up in the Transport Committee, and thus gets to work on environmental issues. As an Oslo representative, she is also given the opportunity to focus on environmental and transport issues in the capital, not least in the stressed Groruddalen. Geir-Ketil Hansen from Nordland joins the same committee, while Hallgeir Langeland holds the seat in Energy and Environment.

May Hansen from Østfold becomes Vice Chairman of the Family and Culture Committee, with Magnar Bergo (Buskerud) on the team. Øystein Djupedal continues as leader of the finance group, with Heidi Grande Røys (Sogn og Fjordane) and Audun Lysbakken (Hordaland) on the team. The committee leader position was early awarded to Frps Siv Jensen.

Rolf Reikvam, who will chair the education committee, joins Lena Jensen from Troms as a member. Karin Andersen will sit on the Municipal Committee, and get Heikki Holmås from Oslo on the team. Here are, among other things, housing issues, which Andersen has used a lot of energy in the last four years. The other committee leader of SV, Ågot Valle, joins Akershus' Siri Hall Arnøy in the Control and Constitution Committee. Olav Gunnar Ballo continues in the Social Committee, which will be chaired by Frps John Alvheim, and will be joined by Sigbjørn Molvik from Telemark. In the Foreign Affairs Committee, which is chaired by Thorbjørn Jagland (Labor Party), Bjørn Jakobsen from Møre og Romsdal SV will be the faction leader. Kristin Halvorsen becomes a private member.

There were three parliamentary committees that SV was not represented in the previous period. Kjetil Bjørklund from Oppland joins the Defense Committee, while women's political leader Inga Marte Thorkildsen becomes a member of the Justice Committee. Inge Ryan from Nord-Trøndelag and Åsa Elvik from Nordland join the Business Committee.

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