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Action against racism!

RACISM / The terrorist attack on the al-Noor mosque in Bærum is another confirmation that organized racism and Muslim hatred encourage and lead to fascist acts of terrorism. We have learned absolutely nothing from 22. July 2011?

No matter if the terrorist acts are committed by individuals, they are not "lone wolves". The perpetrators act on behalf of a burgeoning wolf group in the form of organizations of the type SIAN and NMR, organizations that fertilize and inspire terror – either openly or via obscure online forums.

If never so well, there are no action plans, though
action against racism needed.

in the wake of terrorism comes demands for action plans against racism. If never so well-meaning
are not action plans, however handling against racism needed. The tool is at hand, and has done
ever since Norway ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
for Racial Discrimination (JSC) in 1970.

prohibition Requirements

Despite repeated reprimands from the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), Norwegian lawmakers have refused to implement the convention's crystal clear demands to ban racist organizations and racist propaganda as well as funding this criminal activity (Article of the Convention...

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Skipnes is a spokesman for the Communist Platform Marxist-Leninists (KPML).

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