I Winter's longing (Hope's Island in Danish) we follow three people in Greenland: young Kirsten in the fish factory, the therapist Gideon and the project coordinator Peter. We are introduced to the city of Maniitsoq, a small town with 3000 inhabitants on the west coast of Greenland suffering from economic downturn.

The directors Sturla Pilskog og Sidse T. Larsen have a clear understanding of Greenland History and situation, but instead å tell they choose å dreams them to us through beautiful images that observe situations. The frugal dialogue has been chosen with great care. Here only what must be said, and nothing more.

The dream of becoming an independent nation still seems far away.

The West's lifestyle was imposed on Greenland's Inuit in the 1800th century via Christianity. The nomadic people were forced. . .

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