INDEPENDENCE: The people of Greenland are dependent on the outside world, but they see hope for detachment based on their own natural resources and powerful investors.

Hruza is a Czech / Norwegian filmmaker and regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.
Published: 2020-02-14
Winter's longing

Sturla Pilskog, Sidse Torstholm Larsen (Denmark, Norway, Greenland)

I Winter's longing (Hope's Island in Danish) we follow three people in Greenland: young Kirsten in the fish factory, the therapist Gideon and the project coordinator Peter. We are introduced to the city of Maniitsoq, a small town with 3000 inhabitants on the west coast of Grønland suffering from economic downturn.

The directors Sturla Pilskog og Sidse T. Larsen have a clear understanding of Greenland History and situation, but instead å tell they choose å dreams them to us through beautiful images that observe situations. The frugal dialogue has been chosen with great care. Here only what must be said, and nothing more.

The dream of becoming an independent nation still seems far away.

The West's lifestyle was appealed to Greenland's Inuit in the 1800th century through Christianity. The nomadic people were forced to take root. The areas around the mission centers were emptied of game and the business base disappeared. They became completely dependent on imports of goods and trade with Denmark, which led to an economic vulnerability and dependency that still seems impossible to disassociate from. We are not served this story in the film, but we do see the consequences of a traumatizing past.

Filling gives break

Kirsten works at the fish factory, and the camera follows her monotonous work in long sequences. Next to her is a tired elderly woman working the same movements, wearing the same work clothes. This is Kirsten and her future.

The youngsters listen to the radio and dream of attending an Eminem concert, but air tickets for 1200 euros are prohibitive. The dream remains just a dream for most people. Others pack the suitcase and go to Nuuk or Denmark.

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Kirsten is about to become like his father, who drinks unconscious from time to time. Frustration has built up through many generations. Smoke breaks at work and trips out to the drill interrupt everyday life.

Winter's longing Director ...

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