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Nerds save the world
Forfatter: Sibylle Berg
Forlag: Kiepenheuer & Witsch (Tyskland)
VOLUNTARY WORK / Sibylle Berg has written a current book in which she interviews nerds who are trying to save the world.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Nerds save the world ("Nerds save the world") by the Swiss writer and playwright Sibyl Berg (b. 1962) consists of 16 interviews with various "nerds" from a wide range of disciplines: neurobiology, philosophy, neuropsychology and systems theory, to name a few.

The interviews were conducted as part of the research work for her dystopian novel GRM. Brain fuck (2019), over a period of two years, and was previously published in the Swiss online magazine Republik. So far this year, she has received three awards for her work: the Johann Peter Hebel Prize, the Bertolt Brecht Literature Prize and the Swiss Grand Prix Literature Prize.

In the hands of the nerds

The book was published just before the pandemic broke out, and the topicality is striking. During the pandemic, science is put to the test. We depend on the health care system,. . .

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