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JOURNALISM / This time, MODERN TIMES reproduces two longer articles courtesy of the famous American Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist and activist Chris Hedges.

The award-winning Hedges is one of the internationally best-known critics of Israel's policy in the Middle East. Not least, he is known in USA, where he himself was educated at the prestigious Harvard University. He has felt on his body what it is like to be branded an anti-Semite after a long life as an anti-racist and in the fight against the oppression of minorities in the twenty wars he has covered as a journalist for decades. Hedges are concerned with the oppression of minorities and dissidents, but are themselves victims of oppression and marginalization.

As a journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner is Chris Hedges a highly sought-after lecturer and prolific journalist who has also written a number of books. It was thought-provoking to read his War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning > (2003). The book became a bestseller and was nominated for a number of awards.

ISIS and Israel?

Hedge's invitation to attend a peace conference at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 was canceled (reported...

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