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Hegemony as power and opportunity

The H-Word. The Peripeteia of Hegemony
Forfatter: Perry Anderson
Forlag: Verso Books (UK)
Perry Anderson has looked at the concept of hegemony and how it can be used in a politically advantageous way. 

Among other things, Perry Anderson takes us back to ancient Greece, to the Russian Revolution, to Germany in the years 1848 – 1849, to fascist Italy, to Nazi Germany, to Maoist China, to conditions under Thatcher's England, to the EU government. under Angela Merkel and to Bush and Obama's USA.

Anderson is a Marxist theorist, who has written the books, among other things American Foreign Policy and Its Thinkers, The Indian Ideology og Considerations on Western Marxism. This book is about hegemonyconcept. What does it mean, and how can one find examples of hegemony throughout history?

The term peripeteia in the title of the book signifies a crucial turn in a developmental phase – the turning point often found in classical literature, for example in King Ødipus. i The H-Word represents peripeteia a hopeful belief in a possible future-
urge on the world domination and hegemony of the United States over other states.

Greek origin and Gramsci. Hegemony as a term is widely used in the study of international relations and in political science – without there being any consensus on the exact meaning of the term. It is originally Greek, and in its specific sense it means "to lead" or "to guide."

An important development of the concept of hegemony is often associated with the Italian thinker, politician and philosopher Antonio Gramsci. . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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