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The story of Nokia

Nokia Mobile – We Were Connecting People
Regissør: Arto Koskinen

The fact that Nokia entrepreneurs today work on laundries or hoops around the unemployed in Salo is, to say the least, startling.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Oh, how annoyed and depressed I get when I'm having a lovely dinner, and the kids play games on their iPhones and the cohabitant browses their headlines. Rarely does he take the time to read an article in its entirety; There is so much else that needs to be checked first – weather, mailer, Facebook, messages, and weather again. Maybe an update has come? Maybe it'll be sunny anyway? For the last ten years, I have wondered what a devil it was to invent this item, which costs several thousand dollars, takes up so much space in our lives and which everyone feels is a necessity of life.

Once upon a time. Nokia Mobile – We Were Connecting People is a fascinating documentary that tells the story of a small, innocent radio electronics company named Nokia, which started out far in the Finnish forests. They wrote history when they made their first "communicator", or mobile, which it was called here. They believed that this could be of interest to a tenth of the population. When the sale picked up, one of the developers said, "We have no idea what monster we've released!"

Equal community was the foundation of Nokia's success – everyone was paid equally, everyone participated when they found the Nokia slogan.

The film does not go further into the debate about how. . .

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Margareta Hruza
Hruza is a Czech / Norwegian filmmaker and regular critic of Ny Tid.

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