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Gay Kjærleik Songar

Advice to those lovers
Forfatter: Julian Talamantez Brolaski
Forlag: Leif Høghaug Samlaget (USA/Norge)

Isn't poetry the best when you get lost in the language, when you have to play with the concealed premise of an erratic poet, throw in the wild, and then recognize yourself in something unknown, something foreign, and yes, dangerous and threatening ?

Loud singing at speed

"Love is productive," writes Leif Høghaug, a diligent ant in the Norwegian contemporary literature field, with poetry collections, an anthology of Norwegian worker poetry, and now with a major exercise in the re-writing of American Julian Talamantes Brolaski. It is a productive love of literature that drives Høghaug. I don't know anything about Brolanski, so I read the term first, and meet there – in Høghaug's enthusiastic and reference-rich prose – the poet, linguist and country artist (!) Julian Talamantez Brolaski (b. 1978), who writes in a quivering and direct oral poetry. : "Fuck me hard, shit in the black-eyed pack that you know I am a pleasure whore come and take me now in the rock and hill, thirsty where I was when I was happy to see you forget poetic skin, and puke you. When people make fun of the mouse, come on, darling, sew that makes me dress up and call me jinta di, look away from habits both here and there.

Brolaski uses a kind of anarchist bastard language.

Gentlemen, as you tease, you, oh! cufflinks, I shudder with desire and I think no listen steal less, you. So hold me tight as hard as you can handle the whole tea I howl beibi fuck me hard. ”It is only Øyvind Berg who has written something similar here in the country.

Unpredictable poet

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"I will say dive rassar what Love is your stopper he belar, so dazzle your gate while you hang there in the truging wildness without help from the bøgaste crew." In this quivering and singing poetry of Brolaski, you can only forget normal syntax and perpendicular words, for this is windy and shaky, and the foot of the verse goes fast.
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Terje Dragseth
Author and filmmaker.

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