Honest and surprising meeting with Kuwaiti women

I Women of Kuwait Maha Alasaker presents photographs of 25 Kuwaiti women in the bedroom, while Nada Faris has written texts for the images. The book shows a diverse Kuwait, which is represented by, among others, a chef, a veterinarian, a stylist, a journalist and an economist. Alasaker's starting point has been the stereotypical questions she was asked when she came to the United States: "Do Kuwaiti women cover their hair?", "Are they allowed to drive?" And so on.

The message is clear: We are all equal, with or without hijab.

Kuwait is a Muslim country bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The official language is Arabic, and the population is about 4,6 million. Compared to other Arab countries, Kuwait is one of the more open in terms of women's place in society, and today there are more women than men in Kuwait. . .

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