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High block under attack

Grimstad Short Film Festival: The Government Building and its Social Democratic Symbolic Value were attacked 22. July 2011. But are there perhaps other and more peaceful forces that threaten the same values?


Hammersborg – Protecting the Bygone Future
Director: Birgitte Sigmundstad

When Anders Behring Breivik placed a bomb outside the Government building in Hammersborg, and then traveled to Utøya to kill young people at AUF's summer camp, it was an actual and symbolic attack on Norwegian social democracy. The government building, which also goes by the name Høyblokka, has stood since the end of the 1950 century as a venerable manifestation of what curator Bente Aas Solbakken at the National Library has called "monumental architecture". The building symbolized social democratic values, place-based rationality, proud bureaucracy, a solid state, collectivism and a restrained future optimism in postwar Norway.

Hammersborg7In the movie Hammersborg – Protecting the Bygone Future (2016) analyzes the visual artist Birgitte Sigmundstad Høyblokka's idea base. She does not confine herself to giving an in-depth picture and interpretation of how the political and contemporary ideals of the past. . .

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