High-tech communist luxury and freedom for all

Technologies are icebreakers in whose wake society is being renewed. In the 1800 century, the industrial revolution ended the traditional agricultural community, replacing the slave, ox and elemental labor with modern engine power.

Today, we are facing a new era of breakthrough in which the enormous computing power of information technology opens up new forms of authoritarian repression and revolutionary emancipation at the same time.

In the story the British-Iranian journalist Aaron Bastani tells in Fully Automated Luxury Communism (FALC), it is emphasized the utopian hope such breaking times can bring. In contrast to notions of a new era of darkness led by several of his contemporaries on the outer left, Bastani's outlines of a communist future – past scarcity, exploitation and the capitalist system – are characterized by luxury and freedom for all.

A new marvelous world

Under both the agricultural society and the industrial society, scarce resources were utilized and limited benefits were distributed. Economy has therefore, since the dawn of civilization over 12 years ago, been about the scarcity of resources that collide with human beings. . .

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