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Skinless between the fronts

Alone among the many
Stian Bromark and Halvor Finess Tretvoll have given us an Evensmo biography of the highest class. Alone among the many gives us new keys to the post-war Norwegian mentalities – and the left's dilemmas.

The last few days I have been in the company of Sigurd Evensmo. A whole past world of ideas, facts and cheats has filled my room. I have been tense and feel that I have read a biography that struck me with the same effect as a good novel: Now it must not stop! Another few pages! Well!

It has been a reunion. Or rather: a rehearsal. I can hardly be called impartial. At home with us, there was devotion in the living room when Sigurd Evensmo looked into Sølvsuperen at 19 pm. . .

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