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Housewife's revenge

The anti-feminists have good times in the community holidays. The government should use the opportunity to remove the cash subsidy.

[20. July 2007] This could have been the summer where the gender equality discussion was meaningless. First out was model mother Eivor Øvrebø's proposal that Norwegian models are lazy, fat, old and useless at an international level. She sends herself into the corner of shame where she should think about what kind of signals she sends to the thousands of young girls she has helped to judge as a longtime jury member in the Face of the Year. Secondly, FRP's Per Bjørnar Rødde launched his Asian wife and himself as an ideal, when he used the front page of Dagbladet to tell voters that working Norwegian women are self-absorbed threats to family values. Last Saturday, the main thing in Dagens Næringsliv was a sunny story about Norwegian housewives' happy and busy everyday life, filled with plane tickets, driving children, tennis. . .

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