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House occupation and grassroots anarchism

BERLIN / The 70s came back in Berlin in many ways, but with the opposite sign: Today's fight against brutal urban redevelopment and demolition of war-ruined residential buildings has today turned into a fight against gentrification and housing speculation.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Anarchist groups played a crucial role in urban development at that time and make it useful in today's situation: For approx. one year ago, activists occupied two residential houses in Reichenbergerstrasse in Kreuzberg in the wake of a demonstration against increased rents and gentrification where approx. 20 000 protesters participated. A total of nine houses Berlin was occupied that day. In parallel with the housing shortage, the sympathy of the Berlin population for the occupation of uninhabited houses and apartments is rising. Last summer, the strife between feminist and queer anarchists and the police flared up again in the occupied house in Liebigstrasse. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid. Artist.

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