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What about surveillance in the digital culture revolution?

The planet of apps – how the smartphone changed the world
Forfatter: Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Forlag: Aschehoug (Norge)
BIG TECH / The planet of apps is probably one of the richest things you can now read about how we humans "sew together" with communication technology. But what about surveillance?

Has the world's new large communicative community of several billion smartphoneis – iPhones Huawei etc – a possible liberating potential for accelerating changes (see articles on accelerationism)? Anthropology professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen's new rich book The Apps' PlanetHow the smartphone changed the world is useful and concrete in this context.

Through the 271 pages, he plows through a wealth of both personal examples, facts and societal reflections. A major concern in the book is how social media standardizes and reduces our diversity: "Social media platforms are inherently angular, simplifying and reducing." In the chapter "Standardized and unique", Hylland Eriksen adds at the same time that there is "something aristocratic about the criticism of the simplifications, standardization and homogenisation that takes place in the smartphone interface". And adds that the technology is both reducing and enriching. The mobile phone simplifies the lives of very many people on the planet, especially in Africa and Asia, where many do not have access to the internet / PC. The new communicative community is both for pleasure and benefit – something that also accelerates this newspaper's mentioned accelerators with their desire economy.

Replaces the book

What about the book as a medium? The book mentions that young people today no longer read traditional. . .

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