What now, EEA?

Norway and the EU concept puzzle

Europe's significance for Norway is still interesting. In particular, our small country must take defense policy og climate seriously. And President Emmanuel Macron is now on the path for a changed Europe / EU – so where do we stand and what happens?

The Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute (NUPI) has just published the journal International Policy on the EEA, and as Ulf Sverdrup's director writes, both the people and the authorities in this country have been quite positive to the EEA in the 25 years that have passed. The agreement on European Economic Cooperation (EEA) has also simplified "cross-border activity" and "led to a more efficient domestic market, with increased welfare for the community". According to Sverdrup, Norway has a greater advantage EU through the EEA than they have of us.

The Economist,

The agreement on market access has along the way been extended to trade in services, labor migration (in / out), a common financial market, and separate rules for public support and procurement, competition, research and education. The EEA has "Europeanized". . .

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